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329,90 EUR

Professional Pole from the Brand X-POLE.

With this Pole, you can Pole Dance Fitness in static and spinning mode with just a few turns with an Allen Key. 

  • Finsih


  • Color

    Chrome / Silver

  • Size

    40 cm & 45 cm

X-Pole XPert (NXN) 2021: The Premier Choice for Professional Pole Dancers

The X-Pole XPert (NXN) 2021 stands as the favored pole among elite dancers worldwide. Renowned for its cutting-edge technology and exceptional craftsmanship, the XPert delivers unparalleled performance. What sets it apart is its ground installation capability and seamless transition between static and spinning modes. Its adaptability to various ceiling heights without requiring a ladder adds to its appeal.

The chrome-finished variant, a crowd favorite, boasts an impressive price-to-performance ratio, superior grip in diverse weather conditions, and a sleek aesthetic.

    • Ground installation capability, eliminating the need for a ladder
    • Patented X-Joint Technology for swift and secure assembly
    • Seamless transitions between pole elements
    • Easily switch between static and spinning modes
    • Flexible base plate for uneven flooring compensation
    • Equipped with PRO ceiling plate for enhanced stability and a sleeker design
    • Available in 40 mm and 45 mm diameters
    • Standard set suitable for ceiling heights from 2.30 m to 2.78 m, with extensions available for up to 3.41 m
    • Comprehensive set includes all necessary tools
    • No drilling required in the ceiling or floor

    • Enhanced X-Joints for improved resistance to twisting
    • Upgraded polishing process for superior grip
    • Larger screws for increased durability
    • Optical guides to facilitate correct installation
    • Improved pole fixation in static mode

    Selecting the Optimal Pole Diameter:

    • 40 mm: Ideal for smaller hands
    • 45 mm: The most common diameter, widely used in competitions

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