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Dance Lessons

An Experience You Will
Never Forget

Pole dancer hanging upside down the pole. she is wearing black shorts and light purple top, she has long brown hair with high lights. she is smiling and is around 30 years old and looks really fit. Black background.

Pole Dance Fitness and Oriental Dance Classes

Professional dancer, actress, and teacher of oriental dance and pole dance. The XPERT Pole Fitness Dance Level 1&2, is internationally recognized for its safe and practical method. Endorsed by Crunch Fitness and X-POLE.

She studied Oriental Dance, Ballet Dramatic Arts, and Pole Dance all over the world at the best schools such as the Mid Eastern Dance Exchange in Miami, Lee Strassberg School and Peridance in Manhatan New York, Arabian Dance School at the Oshooasis Meditation Center in Venezuela, in Puna in the Osho community in India and three times in a row at the A Wa Sahlan festival in Cairo, Egypt with the best teachers internationally.

“Prem Anandi” means ecstasy of love, which he received from Master Osho in India at the age of twelve.

Anandi directs and produces the BellyDance Festival in Marbella and Madrid as well as the Miss Bellydance Spain and Miss Extreme Pole Dance Spain competitions and her last show production Metal Rock Pole in Madrid.

Choreographer of the Oriental Dance group Bellydance Angels, with whom she travels to perform this precious art and at events and parties attended by prominent students and professional dancers.

Pole Dance Fitness

A workout that combines strength, flexibility, and grace. Discover a new level of confidence and empowerment as you sculpt your body and unleash your inner dancer. 

Oriental Dance

Submerge yourself in the magical world of the Oriental Dance. Learn the movements and the rhythms. Dance with veil, sword, candles and zills,

Poledance with Heels

With added glamour and confidence in every step. Discover the allure of pole dancing with heels, where grace meets empowerment.

Spanish Oriental Mood

Embark on a unique journey where the sensuality of Arabic belly dance merges with the passion of Spanish dance. 

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